About Charles

Charles is an ordained minister, spiritual healer, reiki master, and medical intuitive. Throughout his career, he has worked in these fields as a shamanic practitioner, author, and teacher in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Charles is now semi-retired, and isw now based Lossiemouth, Moray Scotland but continues to offer some private session slots. He also conducts medical intuition trainings and continues his shamanic teaching work with the Metis Medicine Apprenticeship Program. When he has free time, Charles enjoys yoga, dancing, playing music, and going on hikes with his family.

Education & Experience

1968 – Ordained as a minister

1973 – Received B.S. in Business from Sonoma State University

1975 – Got his Masters Degree in Chaplaincy Studies from ULC Seminary

1979 – Received his doctorate in Religious Studies, with a concentration in World Shamanism, from Newport University

2001 – Ordained and certified as a spiritual healer by the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers

2001 – Granted Reiki Master status

2002 – Certified as a medical intuitive by the International Association of Medical Intuitives

2004 – 2005 Trained with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers

2015 – 2019 Part-time minister for the Center of Spiritual Living in Clarkston, WA, U.S.A.

Charles is also a professional member of the following organizations: the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the Society of Shamanic Practitioners, the International Association of Medical Intuitives, and the World Reiki Association.



“Charles Lightwalker is on the leading edge of spirituality. He has taught many others who in turn share their spirituality, healing talents and abilities. He is undaunting in his role of service and continuously strives to provide top notch training and learning experiences for those who truly want to become more fully spiritually alive. I am honored to count him as a colleague and friend.” Rev Janice Lynch

“I have been apprenticing on the shamanic path with Charles for several years now. He is an eagle medicine man and shaman that is well versed and studied in shamanic practices globally. His international focus on this topic creates a comprehensive body of knowledge for him to access and share. Charles was essential in having me become a member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives and is an adept medical intuitive and teacher of this medicine as well.” Heather Mackay


Courses run by Charles at the Sole Retreat Wellness Centre can be found on our Events & Workshop Page


Charles can be reached by phone at 07498205289 or email at charleslightwalker@yahoo.com.