Tea leaf reading, also known as tasseomancy or tasseography, is a fascinating and ancient art of divination. This practice, which began to gain popularity in Europe during the 17th century, involves interpreting the patterns and symbols formed by the residue of tea leaves in a cup. Today, we’re going to explore this intriguing practice with insights from Derek and Angela McGillivray, who have brought this timeless art into the modern era.

The Ritual of Tea Leaf Reading:

The process of tea leaf reading starts with a simple ritual. A pinch of tea leaves is placed in a cup, over which boiling water is poured. After allowing it to steep for about three minutes, the tea is consumed, leaving behind a small amount of liquid and the leaves. This residue forms patterns and symbols, each with its unique interpretation.

Interpreting the Cup:

The placement of symbols within the cup is crucial to their meanings. The cup is divided into sections – the rim representing the present, the sides indicating events not far distant, and the bottom signifying the distant future. Symbols closer to the handle are believed to come to fruition sooner.

The Role of Intuition:

While tea leaf reading requires a basic understanding of symbols, it also heavily relies on the reader’s intuition and clairvoyance. This means that two readers might interpret the same symbols differently, based on their intuitive insights.

The History and Spread of Tea Leaf Reading:

This practice is thought to have originated in Asia, the Middle East, and Ancient Greece. It became particularly popular during the 1800s in Europe, thanks to nomadic gypsies. Today, it’s still practiced in various parts of the world, including Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and the USA.

Derek and Angela’s Expertise:

Derek and Angela McGillivray, with their vast experience in complementary therapies and intuitive skills, bring a unique perspective to tea leaf reading. They have hosted events at prestigious venues like The Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire and Durn House in Portsoy. Skibo Castle in Dornoch, Angela’s skills in scrying, along with the use of Runes and Angel cards, further enhance the experience. Both Derek and Angela’s older family members read the Tea leaves. They have been finalists in competitions run by Eventbrite see more. https://www.ahappymedium.co.uk/media-reports/


Tea leaf reading is not just a form of divination; it’s an art that connects us to our intuition and to the rich tapestry of history. Whether you’re a believer in the mystical or simply looking for a unique and enchanting experience, learning the art of tea leaf reading with Derek and Angela McGillivray is sure to be an insightful journey.

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This blog post gives an overview of the art of tea leaf reading, its history, and how Derek and Angela McGillivray contribute to this fascinating practice. It’s designed to intrigue and inform readers about this unique form of divination.